Alpha 23 Discussion

I didn’t see a thread about Alpha 23.

Loving the new crafter shelve concept.

Still stuck in my perfectionist early game but these things are gonna be sick start to finish.

Did notice the improvement on the basic logic of hearting prioritization with mining and etc.

They’re still leaving blocks randomly but atleast they know when to try somewhat more logically.

Anyone see any improvements this round I should be aware of?

P.s. They’re teasing me with these quest banners.


Here is my feedback on Alpha 23. Basically, I have a few errors and problems that others mentioned in other threads too, but I’ve never found a list of A23 issues anywhere either and I don’t want to make a lengthy analysis of every issue, so here it goes:
I downloaded it frum Humblebundle last week and updated all my mods. The first playthrough started lagging enormously at 10 Hearthlings, so I unmodded the game and started a new safegame.

Here is what I like so far:

  • the crafter shelves: they seem to be prioritized (?), which is good, if true
  • new design of chairs, fences etc, nice and whole look
  • the whole charm system with likes and dislikes
  • new emotions visible, makes the hearthlings even cuter

Here are my issues:

  • I get an assertion failure (GetSuspendKey(L) = … thread.cpp:134), I saw this in other threads already, so this is known by now. Reloading helps sometimes.
  • Around 20 hearthlings, general productivity slows down.I saw this somewhere else too. My hearthlings keep:
    • laying stuff on the floor, even though there’s an empty box with the correct filter right beside it. The worst is on my fields and in the cooking area.
    • the workers just don’t do anything anymore. There is an unfinished building with wood or stone right next to them and they keep idling. They don’t pick up loot or other items any more. They will do digging though.
    • the crafters have stuff queued up and resources available and are idling. Changing the queuing order sometimes helps. The worst is my weaver. Everyone else waits on her because she idles/ carries other stuff, even though she has all she needs for the queued items.
    • stuff that lays on the ground does not appear in inventory. So I know I have 2 food boxes for the well, but the crafter only recognises one. This ties into the first point. So frustrating.
  • the “finished items” shelves: I built shelves and boxes in case the shelves overflow. The hearthlings sometimes store stuff in the shelves (eg armor, weapons), but sometimes lay them on the ground in front of the shelves and sometimes ignore the shelves and only use the boxes. It would be nice if shelves could be prioritized over boxes just for the looks.
  • shelves for potions: I like storing potions in a warehouse area on the floor, so that I can use them on the fly. I tried storing potions in shelves and one of two things happened: a) the shelve was in a house: always selected the house. b) shelve outside: always selected the shelve (like boxes, swapping to the filter system). I couldn’t select the potion.

Not sure, if this is an A23 issue: my cleric kept healing chickens and starved herself. I read that somewhere else too. BUT: all my other foot/ bow men kept running after the cleric and starved too, even though they were standing next to food on the ground. Pausing the cleric in her job didn’t help, remaking her a worker helped.

Conclusion: I like the new like system of likes and emotions. Unfortunately, they make the experience only better superficially because: playing A23 right now feels super frustrating because of the issues above (mainly the idling and stopping progress). A22.5 felt much more enjoyable.

I like the game and play it since A19, but this is the first time I consider waiting for the next version. Sorry.

EDIT: I don’t want to sound so lamenting. I know you guys put so much time and effort in this game and I’m generally a huge fan. Just right now I’m super frustrated and I’m not so good with english. So if this sound to you like a whining teenager - bear with me please.

EDIT: The note above is from my playthrough with the wood people. I played again with Rayyas children and I had a lot less problems. The idling startet around 30 people instead at 20. And I got the assertion failure again, but not as often.

I REALLY like the new input bins, but my crafters almost never put anything into the output bins, but into storage/ boxes.


They are!

Yes, I noticed. This is a huge improvement thumbs up

Absolutely love the input/output shelves/bins - I’d previously tried to micromanage my way into making something like them with storage crates/urns, but this is so much nicer. The only change I’d like to see to them is to be able to associate an output shelf with a particular job. E.g. “this is the potters’ finished work shelf” instead of having to select broad classes of stuff that are made by the class in question (as well as others).