[Res] Various Alpha 12 Bugs (Picture Heavy)

Hey everyone, I figured I would post a list of bugs I’ve noticed while playing Alpha 12 so far.

First major one I’ve noticed is Idle AI, it was fairly prevalent and reminded me of earlier Alphas when this was much more common. I’ve posted several screenshots below.

Farmers standing by holding their crops;

My footmen really admiring that crate while his brother in arms single-handily slays a goblin wolf camp…

Delusional Hearthlings enjoying an imaginary fire…


Pictures of my workers and crafters literally doing nothing across the board, I think only the farmer were working then. Each one of my crafters had items to work on and the ingredients ready for them.


Sort of a minor one, and I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but the cook harvests crops now. I’m pretty sure he was doing this when he didn’t have food to prepare. If it’s intentional, I certainly like this feature but figured I would point it out anyways in case it wasn’t.

In general the idling would only affect a handful of Hearthlings and it would be fairly random. I had everyone from my crafters to footmen affected by it, but it seemed to spread to the Hearthlings the longer I went without saving/reloading.

Funny enough, I think my village was more productive at Alpha 12 than Alpha 11 at around the same size; the Hearthling OCD in 11 really lengthened the time it took to produce anything and idle workers only slightly hurts production in comparison.

Here are screenshots of all the bug reports I’ve gotten so far.

This one occurred every time I saved/reloaded.

I also had a pretty nasty bug report that just kept climbing in number of errors, I think it reached about 4000+ errors before the game just slowed down ridiculously bad and I exited out. I didn’t take a screenshot unfortunately because Steam was bugging out pretty badly by then. After I exited out through Alt-Tab and ended Stonehearth through task manager, Steam told me that Stonehearth was still running until task manager told me it finally crashed about an hour later. No idea how to recreate that bug.

Anyways, I hope this helps! If anyone has any questions I’ll check up on this every once in a while and would be happy to try and recreate some of the AI problems.


I think this has something to do with the fact that with multiple farmers, they do not totally fill there basket when harvesting. They seem to be waiting for more plants to become harvest-able. (though in my experience they just wait around for a minute and then drop it)

Shhhh this is the most amazing feature everrrr

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