A few things with Alpha 7

Hey, there seems to be bugs me and my brother on Alpha 7 both have went through.

  1. Works and your people seem to just randomly stop doing anything sometimes even eating.
  2. A trapper i had even just stayed in an infinite sleep cycle. He’d wake up and just pass back out on the floor.
  3. You can’t have workers remove a building, it causes the game to end up crashing.

Also, some things to add that would be nice! ( just dont feel like making a different thread.)

  1. A way to make footmen patrol
  2. A way to direct your people to go
  3. A way to make your workers pick up things on the ground and bring them to a stockpile (after a certain distance they just kind of ignore all the wood and stuff on the ground.)

I can confirm all three of these, the first two just taking place again in the playthrough I am currently in. I’m fairly certain at least a few of these have been mentioned in the community, so the team’s likely aware of them!

And I believe all of these are being weighed and considered; we’ll definitely have some variation of number one in the near future, and the latter two will likely be addressed through the Task Manager the Radiant team’s begun working on (I believe they stated this would take a little more time before they add it to the Alphas).

The ignoring of materials farther away on the ground is partly tied to the game’s pathfinder as of now; if there’s too many things in the game complicating and confusing it, the villagers can’t recognize the task and it’ll never be done (at least in a reasonable time). We’ll hopefully see some streamlining with later versions.

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Regarding Footmen patrols: (not a perfect solution) try placing a few mini zones (I go with 5 (3x3) zones in a ‘X’ pattern with 1 in the middle of the settlement) around your settlement (this is in addition to your normal zones). This will kinda make the Footmen randomly go from 1 zone to next allowing them to cover more area.

  • Mini zones, I usually relegate them to hold items like gold/ores/gems n such since they are not it the game yet.
    Again it’s not a perfect solution but it helps them wander around in a greater area.
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I too, am experiencing game the game crashing when I try to remove a building. Here’s what happens:

  1. I make a little town with 2 - 3 houses.
  2. Usually about the 3rd house I place, the villagers put the columns up first before the floor, and then stop entirely.
  3. I wait a few days, hoping they will cure their own A.D.D., but they don’t.
  4. So I instruct them to tear down the building.
  5. After the third brick they tear, the game always crashes.

I found more bugs, but I’ll see if anyone reported those, and add them to their thread.

P.S. I love the way the game is shaping so far. I’m really looking forward to what’s to come!