Alpha 10 Roads Bug

There’s a bug with the current Alpha 10 road.
stonehearth/components/fabricator/fabricator.luac.71 building color to material map has no entry for color #8E8260

Or something like that. Anyways, its the second stone tile option. They’ll dig for the road, yes. But they won’t place anything.

Also, add in an option to delete custom building floorplans?
As well as 2+story building save? Makes it easier to create and save multi story buildings rather than breaking them down by each story. Something like the slice view could work.

And workers should also use resources from the stockpile first. They shouldn’t be walking to a piece of wood 1 mile away first before checking the current stockpile.

Fight and defend for parties need to be readjusted as well. Footmen who defend an area tend to only defend that spot. Which doesn’t work so well if everybody else just dies around them. Basically, military units need to be more aware of invasions and such. Because the party commands are currently broken, it’d be better if they respond to another non-military citizen being attacked.

Sorry if everything I posted was work to do. I really do like the way the game is coming along! and fast too! But personally, I still think its ways from beta release.

Another bug: The trader will be back in __hour_counter__hours

And possible stockpile/job list bug? Could be coincidence but I’ll say it here anyways.
-building never finishes. I have all materials. Citizens literally lounge about for 2 days.
-I zone a new stockpile. Citizens go back to work to finish the building.

Look into that. Aside from that incident, I suggest looking back into how jobs are taken up and completed as well as citizens completing multi-story buildings without leaving missing walls, etc.

Also lag spike when ‘braaaaaiiins’ come into play. Small lag spike but still a lag spike.

Yes, I’ve noticed this bug for some slabs as well…

hey @athenalras thanks for the reports,

but next time could you try and just edit posts instead of making 5 different ones, :wink:

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