[Dev Blog] Alpha 12 updated to release 472


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented shepherd from collecting animals when the pasture was fenced in.
  • Prevent animals from moving when they are being harvested (e.g. shearing sheep).
  • Fixed bug placing item when the ghost was invalid.
  • Fixed bug that duplicated and orphaned building placement tasks on load.
  • Fixed bug when item is destroyed while being placed in storage.
  • Fixed engine error that could result from an invalid rotation angle when placing items/templates.
  • Fixed bug when removing a farm while it is being worked on.
  • Fixed error that could occur at the end of some dialog trees.
  • Fixed cosmetic defect on the fine comfy bed.

Other Changes

  • Mining has been optimized further to take load off the AI code.

just realized that this hadn’t been shared here on the discourse :hushed:


For Translators:

Tasks added:

     "tasks": {
        "work_orders_title": "Work Orders",
        "worker_details": "Details",
        "workers_list_headers": {
           "name": "Name",
           "haul": "Haul",
           "build": "Build",
           "mine": "Mine",
           "job": "Job",
           "current_activity": "Current Activity..."
        "show_character_sheet": "More Info"