[Dev Blog] Alpha 9 Release Candidate, release-256, Updloaded to Steam latest Branch



yes! +1 Really looking forward to the official version!

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Whoa Nelly. My carpenter loves to make hoe’s.

Seems the single hoe was not being taken off the build que after being made

Can’t wait to try and play it :heart: Great job TR, keep it up!

some really big updates here! :+1:

Autosave! Turn autosave on and off from the save/load screen. When on, the game will save every 5 minutes.
Fix tearing down buildings after construction has started


no kidding! i was so excited i didnt know what i was doing when i wrote the title :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work! and Tyvm for the Auto saves and Stability improvements! Keep trucking along, you all are (inner Kid talking) Bestest Evers !!!
Not kidding either, you all are doing some sweet work!

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WTF i have starte to compare the files and the first change that i read: This file is a crime against nature!!! LOLLLLL


jaw drops…no words…literally


In this version the game starts to lag when my hearthlings are mining. It runs really smooth most of the time but when they mine it lags a lot. I checked the performance bar and the lag seems to come from lue working like crazy. It’s minimum at 50% during mining and jumps up to 70 or even 90 percent sometimes. It’s repeatable and worse when more hearthlings are mining.

Addition: I made some experiments and the lag starts when the hearthlings get the job to mine something. So they don’t actually have to mine the fact that their on their way to mine something somewere means there is lag.

[ blockquote]Inanimate objects no longer write journal entries when they die.[/blockquote]
I’d like to mention that that ended up on the @TheStrangeLog twitter. Stonehearth’s on the radar now!