Hello, Alpha 15!

Stonehearth Alpha 15: Faster, Better, Stronger

Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 15! It’s live now on our Steam stable branch, and will be available soon on Humble Bundle.

Our newest Alpha release (release-537) is all about better performance. We have made literally hundreds of under-the-hood improvements, both large and small, to give you a game that runs more smoothly, lags less, has fewer bugs, and is just all-around snappier than ever before.

You’ll find improvements in many aspects of the game, especially:

  • Overall hearthling and settlement performance
  • Building upgrades (with more improvements coming in future alphas)
  • Inventory management
  • Gameplay

All these taken together provide a game that’s faster, better, and more fun to play.

This is of course still an Alpha release; that means that though performance is improved greatly, some things may not perform exactly as expected. They’re called bugs. Please report them in our forums at discourse.stonehearth.net.

Big News! Starting with this Alpha, Stonehearth now has save compatibility with prior releases (in this case, Alpha 14). This is the first Alpha which retains save compatibility with a prior release; we hope to maintain this going forward (but no promises, okay?).

Here’s what’s new and notable in this release:


because the patch/release notes are super long, you can just go to the Dev Blog to read them :stuck_out_tongue:


For Translators:

No Changes for 537 :wink:


can’t get enough of the new concept art… :smile:

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Behold, the most adorable Splash screen that the world has ever seen Alpha

Holy Crap that is so Adorable
Great Work Allie!!


I was wondering once the game is out of the alpha stage if the splash screens could alternate on load. I have enjoyed the many I have seen so far. I understand that they currently mark the alpha version for quick identification.


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Did I miss something @Wiese2007?

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check the edit history for his post :wink:


xD She has changed my entry :wink: i have given the wrong version number xD