Alpha 17 Is Here!

Alpha 17: Building a Bigger and Better Stonehearth!

Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 17! This release is all about empowering your hearthlings to build more awesome settlements. To do this, we’re introducing the ability for your town to level up, we’re giving you a new class to help create settlement awesomeness, and we’ve made tons of upgrades to the building system itself.

We should note that Alpha 17 is merely Part One of improving the building experience. We’ll be continuing this effort, with both content and functionality, in Alpha 18.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s in this release.

Blood, Sweat, and Tiers

Get on my level.

Your hearthlings have labored mightily to carve an impressive settlement out of the wilderness. They are the envy of their map tile. And yet, they are asking themselves, “Is that all there is?” To which we can now say, “Absolutely not.”

A few days after your hearthlings settle in their new home, you will receive a quest from a royal herald. Create one of three city monuments to commemorate your town’s particular strengths and skills, and your settlement will qualify for “Township Status” which will elevate your hearthling-ville to a new tier of impressiveness.

Attaining this new tier unlocks advanced building templates, launches upgraded and enhanced stores, and introduces a new tier of background music! This quest is currently available only for the Ascendancy, other kingdom upgrades to come in future Alphas. What mysteries — and challenges — could higher tiers hold for our hearthlings? (Cue foreshadowing music…)

In Stonehearth, all our engineers are civil.

It’s a trap!

Want to make a more awesome city? You’ll need an Engineer! Good thing we’re introducing just that in this Alpha. Engineers provide a whole new dimension to your town’s capabilities.

Promoted from a Level One Blacksmith (with the help of a Wrench, crafted by a Level Four Blacksmith), the Engineer creates advanced contraptions and defensive weaponry.

Initially, he can craft two types of ranged weapons and two traps. The Turret and Turnip Shooter (!) will target and fire at enemies; they are limited in the number you can place in your town, based on the level and number of engineers in town. Turrets have a limited lifespan (their ammo depletes after a certain number of uses), but can be repaired by your Engineer.

Traps can be set off once and will stun enemies who stumble across them; they deal burst damage, and you can place more of them in your town than the turrets. In the beginning, Engineers can place 4 traps and 2 turrets; this allowance increases as your Engineer levels up.

In future, Engineers will create more epic craftables, but for now the only decorations they can fashion are an iron door and signpost. We will continue to add recipes in future Alphas.

Build castles in the sky. Well, almost.

Build, or build not. There is no try.

We’ve streamlined and updated the building system. Now building functions more smoothly; you should be able to design — and your hearthlings will complete! — buildings that previously remained unbuilt. This includes scaffolding being removed completely following a structure’s completion.

We’ve added some messaging to the building process; among other things, commissioning a building will also automatically set your crafters to work producing the needed items for your new structure. And (drum roll) — beds can now be “owned” by individual hearthlings!

Also: STAIRS!!! Yes, we have added a stairs tool to make your multi-story constructions even more awesome.

The system is not perfect — not everything may work — but we think you’ll find it a huge leap forward. Please let us know how it works for you and alert us of problematic templates and saves on our forum at

Building improvements include (but are not limited to): Alpha 17 Is Here! – Stonehearth

this post is already long enough, go to the dev blog post to read the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


Woot! Engineer! Stairs! Building! Tiers! can’t wait to see what radiant has in store for us next :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A18 is also about building, so hopefully more of this stuff!


interior walls? :wink: maybe…

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Sooooo… we totally need to do more work on this, but have you found that interior walls DON’T work now? :wink:
We’ve been very conservative with what we’ve claimed this update can do. The announcement that we “had scaffolding fixes” may even have been, at Chris’s request, the largest understatement of the year. But… I totally built a building that had interior walls, and it totally built. :wink: Just saying. :wink: