[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha r14 Now Available on Steam



My game happens to be stuck at a black screen using r14, but hey, it’s alpha :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I fixed this by switching the beta to None, waiting for it to download, then switching back to latest!

Posted a comment on the blog itself but it doesn’t hurt to ask again, does it?

It only mentions Steam, is this going to be available on Humble Bundle to download as well?

I think little minor branch updates or w/ever will be through the steam beta builds. the major alpha updates will be released on humble bundle, as well as steam

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is it wrong of me to be mostly excited to see patch notes along with the update? :smile:

Here are patch notes for Alpha release 14, which we’ve just uploaded to Steam. The “14″ refers to our own internal build number. Obviously this is not the 14th release of the Alpha. :wink:

  • Greatly optimized path finding, especially when building many structures.
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the game to crash when building walls.
  • Increased the length of a day by 50%
  • Added a task manager in the bottom-right corner to track CPU usage.
  • Removed the debug keys be default. Set “enable_debug_keys” to true in your user_settings.json file to turn them back on.

IinkblotSRK Nope. Because these builds are pretty much untested, we want to limit their exposure. Steam has a way of quickly flipping between the unstable and stable builds, which is why we’re releasing there.

When we have an update with a critical mass of bug fixes and features, we will test it and push it to both Humble and Steam.

Well there’s the response. Kinda sucks since I was attempting to stay away from steam because my internet likes going down for days at a time during the winter. . .

You can do steam in offline mode though

O.O Whaaaaaaat?! How did I not know this madness!?!?

:open_mouth: i dunno, it says to go in offline mode if you launch steam with no internet ;p

Hmmm didn’t remember that happening last time i tried. Well now I know. lol Time to download then! :smile: thanks for th help

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wow, the client was much more stable (for me)… i actually had to manually close the game this time! :smile:

i was able to construct a fairly large (but nonsensical) wall… no crashes! it did start to slow after about 30 minutes… but i was able to construct everything, without a hitch… :+1:


Congrats to you and Radiant! :smiley: Sake all around! :sake: (well to anyone old enough)

The game still crashes my desktop, but at least it make it past the loading screen this time! (crashed when I tried to pan the camera)

I’ve been playing on my laptop though and I tested it for a few minutes. Seemed to work better. :smile:

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The more stockpiles the better!

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Your machine actually can run it now! Hurrah! Happy Days theme starts playing

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it can, in no small part thanks to @not_owen_wilson’s very helpful advice… :smiley:

she’s limping along, mind you… but she’s putting up an admirable fight, at least until i can finally work up the nerve to purchase my new rig…


Good, good… maybe you’ll be able to squeeze a the rest of the life out of it… :wink:

Noob Question* (probably)*:
Do I get the game on Steam when I buy it via the Humble Bundle? I looked it up on Steam and it wasn’t yet released on there, so that made me a bit curious.

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yes sir! just follow along with the guide here, and you should be all set…

Yes you do, sir… :smile:

Edit: Got ninja’d by @SteveAdamo:frowning:

Haha. Double answer. Thanks for the answer, though! (@Alfie, you too sir.)

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