How do I update stonehearth if its not on steam

So what hapend was I purchased the game from Store – Stonehearth not from steam but from the DRM-Free Direct Download on the actual page back when Alpha 15 was out but now im not sure why but everytime I run the game it still is in alpha 16 and did not update help please?

unstable release are only on steam - on humblebundle there are only the stable versions

It shouldn’t take long before we get A17 on Humble Bundle.
Maybe next week, if there’s enough stability.

On Humble Bundle you’ll have to update the game manually when they announce on the dev blog and here that the stable build has been released there. (That is, login into the Humble Bundle page and go to your game library, then downloading the game again).


also you should find there a steamkey :wink:

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