How do i update

can someone help me with updating my stonehearth? i searched youtube but there was no help :disappointed:
If it auto updates this must be a bug!
Can Someone please help me?

Im still in alpha 3 btw

hey there @felixios … welcome aboard! :smile:

if you are using the Steam client, you can access the latest developer builds via the steps outlined here:

note: you should be getting the latest stable builds by default though (via Steam)… so, perhaps you have accessed the client via Humble Bundle? in which case you have to manually download/install new stable clients as they become available via that platform…

good luck! :+1:

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Well i bought it through this summer soooo…

ok, so where did you grab the client from? :smile:

did you follow similar steps to those outline here, to grab it via Humble Bundle?

or did you use “Generate Steam Key” option on HB to then load the game via Steam?

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I cant remember and mostly my father did it for me

ok, lets try this… can you see if the game is installed here?

C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth
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are you playing the game through steam? if not then your playing it through the humble bundle download.

None of them i think

if you just launch it off of your desktop your playing it through humble bundle.
also, do you actually have steam?

ok. and yes i have steam

great… then follow the guide I linked to initially, and you should get access to the latest unstable/developer builds… :+1:


Thanks dude it really helps

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you’re quite welcome… have fun! :smile:


steve doing what he does best! :slight_smile: