Stonehearth NOT UPDATING!?

For some reason… my stonehearth is STILL on ALPHA 10. I have got the direct download and apparently the game is on alpha 15. PLEASE HELP! I dont know if my game is messed up OR if i need to click something to update…
Thanks :smiley:

Hello mate ! Are you using Steam or Humble Bundle ? :smiley:

Humble Bundle. I downloaded from the site @OlderThanBefore :slight_smile:

Huum, sorry i’m not gonna be helpfull with humble bundle ! :confused:

but you can do this : "The best is you get your SteamKey from Humble Bundle and active it via Steam … there is an autoupdate and you can activate the "unstable"modus :smiley: "

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@OlderThanBefore Great! ive got steam… but how do i get the code :open_mouth:

I think you can try this :smiley:

ok thank you!!! @OlderThanBefore :DDDDD


My pleasure mate :smiley:
With all the new features, it would be sad to not play from the last version :frowning:

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Also just for clarification on why it’s still on Alpha 10: The Humble Bundle version doesn’t update automatically. You have to redownload the game after each update.


OKAY thx everyone this can be ignored :smiley:


Hey @PixelMaster12, glad everything is working for you know.

Thanks @OlderThanBefore, @SachielMF for your help!


Sorry jomaxro… we are stealing your job over here :smiley: haha

Well, considering that it is morning where you are, and I really should be sleeping here in the US, I appreciate the help!

Also, everyone should be able to help each other. Just because I have a little shield next to my name doesn’t mean my help is any better than everyone else’s. :wink:


That is true :smiley: Count on me to “steal” your job whenever i can so haha :stuck_out_tongue: