Stonehearth Alpha FAQ


Having trouble getting to or downloading the Stonehearth Alpha? Please refer to this thread.

1) Where do I get the latest version of the game?

If you’ve purchased through Humble Bundle or don’t play via Steam, click on the Download button on the Humble Bundle page associated with Stonehearth. When we release a new Alpha, your Humble Bundle download page will update to point to the newest version of the game. If you’ve already got the game installed, you should uninstall the old version of the game before installing the new one.

If you play the game on Steam (via the included Steam key on your download page or because you’ve purchased through Steam store) Steam has a feature that will auto-update the game for you every time we push a build.

Please note that only stable releases will be available through Humble Bundle, and there will be a delay in release compared to Steam. If you are interested in the Latest, or unstable releases, see question 12.

2) I can't run the game! The game crashed!

This is an Alpha release of Stonehearth, so we need your help to figure out where all the bugs are so we can smash them. wink If the game won’t run at all, first check out this thread to see if anything in there might work for you then, hit up this thread for more known issues. If you issue is still not resolved, create a new crash report topic by clicking here.

3) I'm encountering a lot of bugs!

Moths are in your computer, you say? Hit up the bug reports category and see if the behavior you’re seeing has already been noticed by anyone. If so, add your comments to the proper bug thread. If not, then it’s your privilege to start a new thread on it!

Check out our detailed bug-writing thread to see how it’s done, then click here to make a new report. Make your time!

4) Are pre-order backer rewards in-game yet?

Not yet! We’re saving aesthetic things like pets for after we implement core systems. That baby mammoth? We think of him like a big, sweet, delicious, furry marshmallow.

5) Can my system run the game?

We’re constantly working on optimizations, but we have defined the minimum specifications necessary. Please check out this page for all the details.

6) How do I play the game?

Check out the in-game tutorial that was added in Alpha 18 to get started. If you have further questions, check out the gameplay category.

7) Can I upload videos of the game?

Yes! We look forward to seeing videos of you playing Stonehearth! Be sure to post them here in the fan media so we can see them. Check out our video policy here.

8) Steam keys? How do they work?

When you get to your Humble Bundle download page, you should see 3 ways of getting the game: by downloading a zip file, by downloading an installer, and by getting a steam key. This way, you can have the game both on steam and on your local hard drive, if you want! To use your steam key, grab it from your HB download page and:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. From the menu, select “Games” -> “Activate a Product on Steam…”
  3. Click “NEXT” until it asks you to enter a Product Code.
  4. Copy/paste the Product Code / Key into the text box and click “NEXT”.
  5. Steam will confirm the product code by indicating that you have access to Stonehearth.

9) Can I post functional decompiled code?

Go ahead and post relevant chunks, again with the caveat that none of this is final API, so you might want to stick a warning or a version number on it, to prevent confusion if/when it changes later.

10) How do I sync my Steam and HB accounts?

There is an option in the HB account settings.

11) I've forgotten my Humble Key!?

Firstly check your humble library in your account to check if the game is there. If not, head over to the Humble Store Key Resender, enter the email address you purchased the game with and it will send you an email containing links to all of your keys!

12) I want to get in on this "Steam Unstable" thing I keep hearing about on How do I do this?

Follow the instructions from this post and file your bugs here!

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