New Badges Anyone?

Good evening Discourse!

I hope everyone is enjoying the recently released Alpha 15 stable build. In case you didn’t know, Discourse, the software that powers our forum is also in active development, and is nearing completion of Discourse version 1.5. As part of the 1.5 release, the Discourse devs have added 9 new badges that you can earn! All of these badges have to do with likes, so if you give a lot of likes, or tend to be liked a lot, keep an eye out for them!

##New Discourse Badges

Rewarding Likes Received

Appreciated: Has received at least 1 like on 20 posts
Respected: Has received at least 2 likes on 100 posts
Admired: Has received at least 5 likes on 300 posts

Using Up Daily Likes

Out of Love: Used the maximum amount of likes in a day
Higher Love: Used the maximum amount of likes in a day 5 times
Crazy in Love: Used the maximum amount of likes in a day 20 times

Reciprocating Likes

Thank You: Has at least 6 liked posts and a high like ratio (0.5)
Gives Back: Has at least 100 liked posts and a very high like ratio (1.0)
Empathetic: Has at least 500 liked posts and a superlative like ratio (2.0)


so i’m not just going crazy, there are new badges!

while i love the idea of these ones, the higher Trust Level you have the more daily likes you get, so its kinda unfair for higher TL users… or was that thought of and there is some clever behind the scenes work done about it…?

while i dont necessarily care, i’m just curios about it.


Crazy! It’s like I just spent 2+ days arguing about that exact point over on Meta :wink:.

After the Discourse devs had their weekly meeting, they agreed it was an issue, so the “maximum amount of likes” doesn’t factor in the Trust Level multiplier, it is the base like limit for all users regardless of Trust.


There’s a maximum amount of likes one can give? What blasphemy is this that I cannot “like-it-all”!?


There is a maximum amount of everything you can do. It is a hidden mechanism to help prevent overwhelming spam. Most users will never hit the limits, and if they do it is typically within their first few days as a user when the limit is very low.


It is a good cause to share love around the wor… Discourse even though it’s not that important :grin:


I’ve given all of you a free “like” in attempt to reach my daily like quota!


How many have you given?


13 so far :smile: I have no idea what’s the limit.

Edit: 65’ish likes given, and it still lets me give likes. Sorry everyone whom I spammed with my likes! :blush:

Edit 2: I actually did it! Though, there’s no sign of the badge yet.

I kinda lost count, but I think it was 90 or 100 likes when I got the window to pop up.


Nice to finally be Respected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame that the out of likes badge wasn’t added before when I went over my limit more often. :blush:

I only wonder how far the rest of us are from being Admired like the great @Pandemic and @SteveAdamo. :thinking:


I was wondering what was up with all the messages received when I first got on. I got “Thank You”, “Appreciated” and “Gives Back” I was wondering what they meant. Kinda cool!


So, now that I’ve purposely tried to reach my like limit - sorry for all the new notifications on old posts if you’ve set it to always show! - I still haven’t gotten the badge. Does it take a while to kick in?


I haven’t got it either. * sobs in corner * :sob:

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The query runs every 24 hours, I believe it is about 8 PM my time (EDT) which equals 12 AM UTC which is the time the server uses…


It’s kicked in now! :heart: