Want more love in your notification steam? Check out this new user preference!

Evening everyone! For those who do not know, Discourse - the amazing software that powers these forums - is under continual development, just like Stonehearth. That means that new features are always being added, like tags, which we started using a few months ago, or group mentions, which allows you to ping @moderators if you ever need help.

Yesterday, @system, one of the amazing Discourse developers added a new user preference to allow you to control how often you are notified about likes. Before this change went into effect, you were notified when your post was first liked…and that was it. Now, you have more options!

As seen in the image above, the new options are:

  1. Always
  2. First time a post is liked and daily
  3. First time a post is liked

Option 1, always, is exactly as it sounds. You will receive a notification each and every time your posts are liked. At the moment, you will get an individual notification each time, but Sam is working to “rollup” the notifications, so you would instead see something like “X People liked your post”.

Option 2 is the new default. You will receive a notification when your post is first liked, and then anytime there is a 24 hour or more gap between likes. As an example, let’s say you make a post at 12:00 AM. User A likes it at 12:01 AM, and you receive a notification. User B likes the post at 1:00 AM, and you receive no notification. Now, User C likes the post at 2 AM the next day - you will receive another notification: “User C likes your post”. If your post is liked frequently, and there is never a 24 gap between likes, you will not receive a new notification. This does mean that you will know when old posts are liked - so if you made a post a long time ago, and the topic sorta died…you will know if someone likes it days/months/years from then!

Option 3 is what has existed thus far.

If you have any questions about this feature, let me know! If you run into issues or bugs, let me know as well and I will report them to the Discourse Team.


I’m interested in the ‘always’ option, but I’m going to wait for the spam fix. Facebook works this way too, the first login you make you receive a single notification with all X likes made while you were away. Then after that you start receive the notifications in real time.


@BrunoSupremo, here is a preview of what the rollup will look like. It has not been rolled out yet, I will update again when it has:


thats what i first thought of when i saw the new option…

well i have it set to always, and it hasn’t been “spammy” for me… although that might just mean that i’m not getting very many likes :stuck_out_tongue:


How about now :wink:?

There is actually discussion over at Meta regarding what the default setting should be. I personally am in favor of Always being the default, and once the rollup is rolled out to our site, I think it will be just fine. Most of us are familiar with systems like Facebook which notify on likes, and roll them up when needed.


And it has been rolled out here on Stonehearth. It will look something like this: