Separate Notifications/Upcoming Events Tabs

Hey, everyone! Just a small suggestion as we’re waiting for Alpha 10 to release.

I was playing a few days ago, and I had a few travelers come and make requests for my crafters in the next few days. One thing that’s always bugged me is that once you have one of these “make X items in N days” jobs, your notifications tab is always lit. I keep thinking I have unchecked messages, since–to my knowledge–it remains this way until the deadline arrives. (Please let me know if this is otherwise!)

So, what about having a separate “Notifications” tab and “Ongoing/Upcoming Events” tab? Notifications encompass smaller, instantaneous moments like a crafter leveling up, an invading enemy force (like the Undead currently), deaths, etc., while the Events essentially acts like a calendar for future occurrences, such as travelers’ requests and Goblin tribute demands.

Actually, since we already have a calendar in the official Stonehearth year (1st Day of Deepmun, for example), why not have it actually as a calendar, instead of just listing the hours until the big event occurs? Granted, I like the hours since it vaguely reminds me of Majora’s Mask (–72 hours remain–), but something like a calendar with it would make it more visually appealing!

Not sure if this has been discussed previously (as usual), so I apologize in advance!


love the idea! i like your thinking of actually having a calendar, that would be cool and visually appealing then the old “the trader will be back in 42 hours” way.