Trader Bulletin

Something I thought of in this recent play through, is that I would love to see a constant notification next to the clock, when I have a trader action going on. Here’s a picture of what I mean:

I think it’d be nice to have it up and in your face (sort of) so that you knew when the trader would be there, rather than accidently missing him because you forgot to check the notifications window.


Hey, great idea! The notifications could do with a complete overhaul, with more of a sidebar notification screen for ‘minor’ notifications (i.e. the career progression messages), and more permanent and in-your-face messages for things like traders.

But traders themselves could also do with an overhaul. First off, where are they? I want to see the people walking into town and offering their wares, or offering a more unusual selection of products, for example instead of just random amounts of the regular catalogue, only certain items, or only rarer items; and offering much more challenging ‘quest’ trades… I’m sure as the game grows and expands this will of course grow and become accommodated, but I’m an impatient boy and I want them now, darn it!

A great idea, hope it gets picked up on!


As I haven’t accepted any trades since a long time, I don’t remember well; don’t we have a reminder everyday?

There’s usually a trader coming around about once a day, at the moment rotating between the general trader (selling most wooden items and some resources), the stone trader (dealing in stone and some resources), and the wilderness trapper, who sells leather and pelts and wool. But the selection is pretty much standard and you get to learn them very quickly.

The ‘quest’ traders are much more random, but with little logic to their offers. They come along every three to four days (please, do correct me as that’s a total shot-in-the-dark guess) and offer you X items in return for Y (and sometimes Z) items. But these offers seems to be totally randomised. I’ve never had an offer repeated, and depending on the offer, sometimes they can favour you immensely, or sometime the reverse. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the offers and that makes it feel a little less real IMO.

i would love too see this, it would be a nice replacement for the little :exclamation: being lit up till they get back, as that gets annoying because i constantly think i have a new notification.

though it would be best if it was also shrinkable/toggle-able, so that it wasnt always in the way.

ill +1 for this idea, it dose get annoying to have to click on the “!” when you get a wave of notices at once.

mabey the notices could be colour coded?:
red for invaders or if you lose a Hearthlings
orange for traders, merchants
green for level ups
gold for timer for traders return?

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