Simple quest req improvement

A rather quick and easy-to-do suggestion I always forget to mention.
Add icons and number of items required and items gained in a random quest (“A trader approaches your town”). Visually this window is not very informative right now. It also only allows you to track the remaining time and requirements, not your current progress (say, you need 5 stone braziers - currently to check your current quantity you need to go to object placement menu). Seeing it all in one window that stays in your notification queue until the time is up would feel natural and make completing quests more convenient.


I agree having a visual aid could help some folks clear up confusion about what exactly is needed. I know there were a few times when I first started that a trader ask for a type of clay window and I had to click back and forth before I got it straightened out. Maybe even make the visual icon of the needed items clickable so it sends the player to the appropriate crafter’s workshop list to craft the items.


Would be awesome to have the sellingprices show up as well :jubilant:

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…if you sold this item at least once.
Although I think this could cause problems if the devs decide to make selling prices (i.e. how much a trader gives for an item) dynamic at any point.