UI Improvement suggestions

Hi everyone,

I do believe that in this kind of game the UI is very important, that is why I would like to suggest you some features you could add to the game.

  • A way to access to the different crafters workshops, for example in the bottom left where you have the selected item or character. or on the left or right of the screen.
  • A tab system for the different types of available items in a crafter workshop, as I assume there will be more and more items added to the game, this could be a very cool way to order items.
  • A combat mode and a box selection for characters in this mode, cause sometimes it is a pain in the a** to create a party just to be able to move your hearthlings. I also find cool if you could use right click to order your hearthlings to move/attack has we can see in some famous strategy games.

That’s all for the moment.

Keep up the good work guys, your game is so awesome.