List of Random Suggestions - UI

Hey there All - just got this game recently and loving it - but had a few thoughts on UI and figured I should put them out there for people to see.

Sorry if these are duplicates, and sorry they aren’t separated out into individual posts - there are a lot : /. Also sorry for the wall of text.

• Have an option for any update (things that pop up on the right) to not focus the camera on whatever it was you were being notified of. Just have it as a checkbox at the top or bottom of every window (out of the way).
• Would be nice if ‘Place Item’ was a button out on the main UI instead of hidden behind “build and design”.
• Would be nice if ‘Esc’ would clear any build mode you happened to be in.
• Would like to ctrl+click and shift+click items when trying to buy or sell them.
• Would be nice to have some sort of display for important items which are constructed – like tools for jobs, or place-able tools required for jobs.
• It is odd to see some objects in housing construction menu which are not made, and others which only show up if they are made. Would be nice if this always worked the same.
o It is also odd that sometimes these things aren’t built when the house is constructed – it would be nice if there were a list of things which the blacksmith needs to build, or if on ‘build’ of a house, a warning pops up that says “these items need to be added to the carpenter (or mason or potter or whatever), is that alright?” – or maybe don’t even ask, just add them to the proper builder’s que.
• It would be nice if you are out of a particular resource, that the UI would easy show that a particular resource is required.
o This could easily get out of hand though – with little UIs everywhere.
• When a new worker joins the team, it would be nice if it showed their body/mind/spirit numbers – I find that I dig down every time to find out anyway, which is several clicks.
o It would also be nice to bring up a display to change their name – I like the mod which lets you modify all of their features as well, but it tends to not let you click the ‘accept’ button and you have to save and log out and back in to make the UI go away.
• When placing a structure, it would be nice to know which side will have the support structure built on it – and preferably to be able to swap which side it is on – I’m specifically talking about building walls. It makes a huge difference as to how long it takes to get a couple blocks high to make the wall un-passable for enemies, or to wait until the entire wall is finished and the support structure is removed.

Thanks for reading!


Hi, @botchiball, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yeah… For the moment we can change the names in the character sheet, just clicking on the name lets you edit it, you just have to press ‘Enter’ when you finish. It might not be very intuitive but at least has a tooltip.

I believe that when the UI box is created, the zoom property is already set so when you click on it, it will zoom to the entity. I’m not sure how difficult would it be to alter that behavior. It might be super easy or it might not (for the things that are set in the lua code).