Building UI rework and Hauling suggestion

Hi there,

so in the recent time i played on and off Stonehearth and noticed that i normaly came a long way and then suddenly stop playing and when i come back just starting a new colonny.

My main Problem that didnt felt continuing was that my village grew and i wanted to start building bigger and more complex building but hitting a wall with that. Currently the Building UI doesnt feel intuitiv when i want to build a two story building with multibels rooms inside i need to fiddel a really long time with the outside walls and the free standing walls etc until i get something i would let pass. Or if i m building specialized buildings for each crafter that i really have to do that little half shed outside where the working benches are each post block by block and the height of the walls instead just being abel to create here is post the wall is such and such high lenght to this post and connect to this post too. And if i start building the roof its another nightmare, woulndt it be just possibel to say this area connecting between these post thats a roof for me instead of hovering over the posts waiting that the orientation is right or the space it plants to and then if it does it wrong not beeing abel to delete it is just infruriating and then instead of continuing i rage out and just quit the game.

So all in all i just want to say the building ui needs an rework with more options to build different building typs instead these one room houses and maybe with beeing abel to add little outhouses etc would be appsolutly great.

The last thing i want to note is if it would be possibel to create an Hauler job with an pushcart ( if thats the right word, just and dude where he can put on more stuff than anybody else but for that cant work anything else more) that would make it easyer to manage everything and maybe if something gets build an little hauling place beside it so the hauler brings every building material to the building site and then the workers dont need to run all the way back to build.

But so far devs the game is in every other aspect absolutly great the combat is challenging, the crafting is varied and the artstyle is just lovely!

Sincere Saidi


Same here, I play on a world for a couple of days. Build some simple things, get my village up and running. And when I come back to stonehearth a couple of days later I just start a new world.
Now that you mention it, it could be the fact that (to me atleast) building is to tedious to enjoy for a longer period of time.

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Hey there @Saidi_Enfida, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!

You should be happy to know that Chris is currently working on an overhaul of the building system, including the UI. This is a large project, so it likely won’t be around for a few Alphas.


thats great to hear! but would it be possibel to describe what he is doing with wich intention so we can maybe give feedback and what we would like to see.

i know that will be an huge overhaul and its problematic to describe the target of an ongoing process especially when you are more still searching for the solution but i m happy that it get worked on.

and thank you for your answer!

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From what I saw, we are aiming to something similar to the The Sims building editor, both in UI and in mechanics.


I’m not sure if the work is at a state where @not_owen_wilson is ready for specific feedback, but if he is he should be able to let you know.

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I think that the UI should not be made user friendly to the extent that everything is spelled out and is super simplified but it should be made user friendly with a rustic, early 18th or 19th century look, where the commands are split with their respective categories on the left top, right and button of the screen, similar to how the CiV 5 screen has it and also to have Total War: Napoleon has it.

Form these two examples, for the first one can see how everything the player needs is spread nicely across a large area that does not obstruct the user, while from the second, we can find how the same is done while instead offering more micro menus in those 6 buttons to the bottom right.

This makes it, in my opinion, appealing to the eye, easy to access and also by appropriate color schemes, made to meld into the game similar to AoE 1

What I am trying to get too, is that i think the buttons should be made in a way to achieve oneness with the game and that they will be easy to access and be user friendly especially for new ones, yet still being, for lack of a better word, cool and snug, if you get what I mean

Obviously, my playing around 800 - 1000 hours in each (and relative expansions and forerunners), makes me somewhat biased to such menus :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :laughing:

Edit: the pictures are available on the google images, but are meant to illustrate better my points.

What do you think guys, I’d appreciate your feed back on this!