[Dev Blog] Experimenting With New Building Features


A little something extra for everyone today :smile: Also, here is a more detailed, annotated version of one of the screenshots…


LOL :laughing:

on a serious note the paused sign was not there correct? and i can see a trap!
@SteveAdamo the trapper is back!!! :open_mouth:

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Two in one day?! Blarghelfeaghghg!!

Critical Mass indeed.


ok now give me water and a engineer to make a pump so I can put in a pool on top of that roof :smile:


good eye… methinks you are correct good sir! :smile: :+1:

I take it my invitation was lost once more? it’s like that weekend “business trip” to Tahoe all over again…

we shall have words my friend… we shall have words…

but yeah for testing new concepts @not_owen_wilson! that very question (placing ladders against houses) was raised in the earlier blog post… was that what drove this build, or are you just more awesome than we originally thought possible? :smile:


You remember that time when the berries had fermented? And you fell off the roof, but got caught by your lederhosen so you were just dangling there?! Great times.

Loving that there’s experimentation and we can put ladders up against buildings, and TREES! Come on people, you’re tarnishing the good name of the Stonehearth CSI foundation.

Tuesday has been the best Tuesday for desktops in a long time.


[quote=“Silas, post:3, topic:6737, full:true”]Critical Mass indeed.
Certainly good times… however* I foresee some big UI changes needed in the building designer sooner or later, because if nothing else, the number of extras we’ll be able to add is going to grow and grow - I’m not sure a simple scrolling list will be ideal for it.

Perhaps take a look at the modern Minecraft creative mode GUI? That has everything in various tabs (building blocks, decorative blocks, redstone blocks, weapons, etc) and a search function too.

*This is me. Of COURSE there was a “but” coming.


are you referring to the “place an item” UI? excellent observation as well as suggestion for a solution… I could see this working very well…

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I meant the UI for adding things like lamps to buildings (although the place-an-item UI could definitely use it too). Imagine having, say, 100 items you can place on/in a house - to me, having tabs or w/e for this would make it easier.


Bumping, because my copy of Stonehearth has just updated :slight_smile:

Hello release 114 :smiley: .


Have you a new release?

Can’t talk, busy playing :smiley: .

Oh s*** you’re right so let’s go playing =D

edit: This update is awesome =D I love all the new stuff =D

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