Feedback for the new Builder

So, today I decided to have some fun with the new builder. I designed this building:

Sorry about the bad screen, forgot to do one of it all. I made it using the Room tool, removing walls, and placing singel blocks.

All other pics are here, as I cant post more than one :frowning:

To make it harded I created alot of overhangs, no real connection to get into certain floors or onto the building in the end.

I started the building and everything worked kinda fine.

First thing I realized:
They closed off the basement without removing the ladder. This would later result in the building never finishing.

They were also using a ton of scaffoldings, which isnt bad per se, it just made building extremely slow.
It looks like as if building single blocks and building walls for rooms uses a different mechanic for calculating the optimal way of construction?

Oh, and they also closed off one Heartling in the end.


Let me remove blocks from the Building after giving the building instructions/after it finished. Deleting the whole building for stuff like this is a pain.
Make them not forget that a Heartling is locked somewhere? I guess this is pretty hard from a programming point of view.

Im gona assume that maybe filling up empty pockets would have solved most issues. Also, creating single column walls using the room tool instead of single blocks tool.

One suggestion still exists:
Let me place ladders instead of stairs for floor access!

Else, keep up the good work, I’ve been enjoying the game more and more!

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Chris has wanted to make this for a while now, but said it is something for after the builder was ‘up to parity’; after it could do everything the old builder could do. Building renovation was, after all, not in the old builder.

From what I’ve seen in buidling dev streams, I think this is a vague question and a hard one to define. Something we humans are good at but the machine,… not so much.

I think this is an unusal but inventive feature. But maybe you want this for the walls (I don’t know wether that works because I haven’t played with the wall tool, it might be that you can’t place a wall without dragging and clicking again), since that would be more intuitive. But overall it seems useful to be able to just plonk down pillars with a single click.

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In the new builder, scaffolding and automatic ladders go poof when they finish, so this alone shouldn’t stop construction. :confused:

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If you want a single column wall you use the wall tool and click on the same block twice…ta da! Single column wall lol.

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I havent confirmed that yet. Maybe I didnt wait long enough? Could be it, need to test it out once more.:thinking:

Oh, TIL. Thanks! :slight_smile:


What does this abbreviation mean.

“Today I Learned”. There’s a popular subreddit with that name where people post stuff they, well, learned only recently.


Well TIL thanks for explaining!! :laughing:


Can confirm that filling in enclosed spaces is the sollution to not accidentally entombing heartling. Found this out the hard way when I accidentally had entombed a heartling in My town wall. Great Wall of heart…

note that it doesnt have to be -entirely- filled. as long as there are no heartling-sized holes. so no 1x1x4high holes. so the ocasional tactical slab-dot should be enough to stop them standing there.
#advanced building tactics.


Ahhh, one of those things that seem super obvious once you actually discover it solves your problem, we’ve all been there before.

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Yup and just when ya think you can get away with skipping it this oooooone time, cause what are the odds it’ll happen again…and it does lol.