Feedback - Coming Back To the Game After 6 Months

Hi! I recently came back to check out progress on the unstable branch with alpha 24.11.1. So far I am enjoying the changes being made and like the direction the game is going. However, here are some critiques of the current build. I apologize if I seem a bit harsh, but I really enjoy the game and just want to see it get better.

  1. The New Builder - I like the way this is going and it makes simple building tasks much smoother and easier. However, being unable to add on to a building template after it has begun makes it neigh impossible to renovate existing structures. It is a faster and easier to just knock a structure down and completely rebuild it than to do any kind of interior modifications or add on things (like a roof) if you forgot to put it in the initial design. The whole thing just feels a bit clunky.

  2. Loading a Save File Breaks Breaks Any Tasks or Designations - Just what the name implies. Did you get half way through a building and then think “It is time for bed, I will finish this in the morning.” Well too bad!
    That building you got half way through is going to stay that way and all construction in your town will halt for the rest of time until you knock it down and start again. That ore vein you were mining will never again be touched, unless you cancel the designation and reapply it.

  3. 3 Years Later and The Game is Still Completely Broken When You Have More Than 25 Hearthlings - Please fix this. ASAP. Seriously, The game still slows down massively to a point of being nearly unplayable once your reach a respectable population. It ruins the longevity of your game, limits any real town building, and is by far the detractor from my enjoyment of the game.

  4. UI Slow Down - As more tasks are being carried out, the responsiveness of the UI (crafting tabs, construction menus, and job and zoning designations) slows down and eventually breaks all together and separately from the game. My hearthlings are running about their business with out my direction because the crafting menu unresponsive to the point that I can’t even close damned thing. Other menus will not open once this happens. I had to close the game through the task manager because I could not access the game menu. Closing and reopening the game will solve this for about 20 minutes, but it comes right back.

  5. The Game Feels Way Easier on Higher Difficulty - I’m not getting manhandled by orcs and kobold archers anymore. My hearthlings are safe and fat and happy. This upsets me.

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Thanks for the feedback! Can you send us your save files for items 2. and 5? They sound like bugs. Items 3 and 4 we’re working on right now. Item 1, alas, is unfix-able at this time. Apologies. :frowning: I would suggest saving templates before you build and then editing the templates to save time.

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