Issues with game

Rather new to the game and not quite sure if this is the place to ask about some issues i have been having so far.
Basically i am unable to get more than 30 minutes into the game without it bugging out on me. I am looking at all of the cool stuff folks are building with the game and thus far i can’t even get my villagers to hammer out a few buildings before i get a few LUA errors and they either just start standing around and starve themselves to death or the user interface disappears and i lose all control of the game.
The moment i start custom building stuff i can pretty much guarantee a crash. If i dare to use the console to either destroy an unwanted item or instant build a custom building i am working on, i can guarantee a crash.

I realise this is an alpha version. I am just curious as to how people are getting so far with building stuff without the game committing sepuku 30 mins into it. Any hints and tips on how i can prolong the game’s life and get stuff done before it crashes?

Honestly hoping i can get some help on this one because i love the game but i am at the brink of putting it away for a while because re-starting the maps constantly is getting a tad old.

(P.S. Once again, i fully realise this is an alpha version and glitches and bumps are to be expected)

Some workarounds:

  • limiting the number of open tasks to 1 or 2 (Tasks being orders to build, mine, harvest, restock, etc)
  • limiting the number of Hearthlings you have in your town (start declining daily updates after a few)
  • play in peaceful mode
  • not making any superhuge buildings

Or you can supercheat and use the instabuild command in the console (type ib)

I’ve been testing a game where I haven’t built a single crate, and lua / the hearthlings seem to freak out a lot less.

These are helpful if your game is running really slow, but you mention crashing. Does your game actual crash to desktop / not respond?

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One thing I have noticed almost immediately is that when you promote your Hearthlings to farmers and carpenters and other specialties they ignore non-specific odd jobs like harvesting wood or mining for stone. Plain workers will do whatever jobs you throw at them and only then will the other Hearthlings with jobs come help pick up if there’s nothing going on. However they won’t step in to do other things so it’s always wise to have one or two plain workers as much as you want to give everyone a task.

And, if the UI bugs out, just tap F5 to get it back.

This is intended behavior (in fact now we have bugs where crafters prioritize building or mining over crafting their recipes). So it’s better to not promote many people at first, if you want to build faster.

Normally when newcomers face with that many building errors, is because their building shapes are hard to build at the moment, or not supported.

You should always take into account that there should be enough space for the scaffolding. Right now there are sometimes when the scaffolding will be built on the inside when it’s needed, but I think it’s still buggy. If you make a floating stair out of slabs, it will probably throw some errors or demand manual scaffolding in order to be finished.

Too many stories also can be problematic or laggy to build. Interior walls are still not supported. Sometimes you have to build part of the building first and then add other part after it built (e.g.: adding a slab staircase after having finished building the house).

You can’t edit buildings after they’ve been built, other than placing furniture inside the rooms or adding slabs here and there in the building or placing ladders or something.

And sometimes the building tools just get bugged for whatever reason, so the best is to report the bugs here with a screenshot of the bugged building (and a template or savefile if available), and steps to reproduce the errors. It really helps the devs.

Also, we have a topic to post buggy building shapes :blush: