Bugs, Gripes, and Ideas

First i will start with the Bugs i have encountered. Alpha 18

[1] In windows 10 mode the game lags every 5-10 seconds for .5-1 second, making game play very annoying. this effect is not AS noticeable in windows 8 mode.

[2] The game computes very heavily every 30-40 seconds where you cant even click on icons to have your Hearthlings do anything.

[3] lots of Lua run time errors/ C++ exceptions.

[4] After buying a Hoe, Sword/other from the start screen and loading up game it will more often then not take about 3 mins for the Carpenters saw/Hoe to show up.


[H1] Hearthlings building Custom structures sometimes forget to put in doors.

[H2] when Hearthlings are told to move an object that is harvest-able (Log Pile) and it gets harvested before being moved there is a ghost block stuck and unable to be moved or destroyed as it no longer exists.

[H3] Hearthlings Idling for no reason/ unresponsive. Telling a Hearthling to move an object or build a house even with the materials some times takes over an hour of game play to get done, while some times it never gets done.

[H4] Hearthlings refusing to eat anything but a singular food. {Gripes: “Ugg Carrots again!!! im tired of only eating only one type of food!”} -_- there is different types of food all over the place from raw foods like carrots to meat stew, pot pies, cooked lamb…


[S1] Changing a Hearthling into a Soldier during a Town Alert! causes the Soldiers to patrol like “Nothing going on today. All is safe.” while being attacked ignoring all conflict.

[S2] Soldiers rarely(but it does happen) if hungry and standing next to food while fighting will try to prioritize food over fighting while trying to attack at the same time. Pick up food -> swing sword half way -> pick up food -> repeat.

[S3] while Defending Location, soldiers will not attack unless they themselves are being attacked.


Leveling your town is pretty pointless past 1 play through. Even then its not all that needed…

the game is starting to auto save a little to much, only every 30 mins should be good not every 10 mins.

Buildings taking up Inventory is very annoying when you want to build an amazing Town/city then moving from Camp->City becomes a very big Pain.

Can we get People Not equipment while in the Buy screen? my carpenter Saw and Farmers Hoe is always missing the first 3 mins…

Game is still laggy…

I would love a bigger map! you show us a beautiful Map and i would love to use it!


Like in another Post: Show some love to the Workers and give them some levels and skills like: Faster movement speed(You can never be fast enough while picking up items all day), More storage space, Build faster, Mine 2 squares at once, Longer Reach.

a Restart Button so you can stay on the same map but redo because you decided you wanted to do stuff differently. It would just restart as if you had just loaded in with the items and characters you started with last time.

What about a [ME] character that you can control that way if something isnt getting dont like a latter removed or built you could do it yourself. Make him like “Mayor” or something. Every Town needs one of those guys!

a Cancel button while moving an object to be like Ops! wrong place! place it here instead!

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This is most likely due to the computer you are playing on, StoneHearth runs fine for me, and I’m using Windows 10. H3 is a known issue, and tends to happen after prolonged periods of playtime with larger settlements. Try re-loading your game.

This might be because your hearthlings pick up the tools, but then go off to do something else like chop down a tree you ordered, so they never place the tool in a stockpile. Not sure.

There actually is a cancel order button, it’s in the same menu with the harvest button.

Hopefully this addresses some of your gripes.

Didnt even think about that last part… Thanks! Also im not sure why i would lag i have a pretty Beefy Comp. i mean yes i only have 8 gigs of ram but that should be enough. i have a i7 hexicore, Evga 960 Video Card.

I don’t know then what your problem would be.

Found what was Making me lag! So i was reading the forums when i noticed some one posted an image of the settings they have on thier game. When i noticed the extra Tabs sound gameplay and what not. Then i turned off [Send anonymous Feedback] Problem Solved!

uh oh! that’s not good to hear, paging @sdee just to make sure the team doesn’t miss that.


Might be related to Alpha 18 assertion failed upon exiting ?