Screen Shots From My Twitch Stream

Just some screen shots of from my twitch stream: streaming SH everyday.

Got Copper?

Sky view from my village “South Gold”

Sometimes hearthlings dont like beds…

Inside my mining shaft

my Hadrian Wall to keep out invading goblins :slight_smile:


Cool! Some more pictures would be nice and, dayum you have a lot of ores. Advanced town, dude.

I am shocked by the sheer amount of time I spend playing this game, Sadly, once I start getting past 10-14 hearthlings, the speed seems to take an affect.It’s alpha so its understandable but, I keep starting new towns and trying something new.

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HeyRobert, I agree. Happens to me, after I get past 10-14 people I get some game breaking glitch like they don’t ever work again and just stand around, killing themselves off. Or I get immense lag that I didn’t have at the start, I keep trying something new though.

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Why was this flagged? It seems perfectly fine.

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maybe someone thought it was a derailment? i dunno…

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no big deal, I already seek assistance from higher ups :slight_smile:

it was an auto-flag from the discourse… something about new user and a reply from a similar IP address… I cleared it…


sky view, expanding more north with a northern defense wall.

Hearthling taking a nap.

Taking it easy.

added some detail to the Hadrian’s wall.

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How did you do that 3 block, two block gap then 3 block detail thing?? I have never managed to do that. Like on the top of the castle, the detail there.

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with slabs is my guess.

Did not consider slabs, will try them in my mountain-fortress.

yes, 8bit is correct, slabs.

just make sure you have a ladder for your hearthlings and theyll do the rest.

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