Town after 8 Days and 1 1/2h Playtime - Alpha 1

So I was able to play for an hour and a half and created this little town:

Also who is interested to watch the whole past broadcast can review it over here:


It seems you’re a bit low on wood, sir… :wink:

I surely am! Yeah some nasty bugs hit me here and there and at the end the short daycircle bug which made me stop playing.

Also the Carpenter stole the firewood from the fireplace while it was burning. Maybe that made the gods unhappy …

Happened to me aswell but it allowed me to create the Burning Thrown where the Great King Nol once sat

@Feoras Don’t want any pesky Debt-collecting Goblins now do we ?

ring ring

picks up : hello ?

heavy breathing :
where is our wood, dont make me break those picket fences

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So @Geoffers747


Well he used it for a fence so I guess I will have some burning fences!

I knew I should have crafted some swords and shields … But there clearly wasn’t enough wood to build those anyway. I chopped down the whole forest :smiley:


I laughed at that too much than I think I should have. Don’t smite me, @Geoffers747! (You can smite @Newf, though.)

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You wouldn’t smite w’ittle ol’ me would you?

I would. I can at least say that.