My current town, and the furthest I have gotten (yay)

My current town, which I think is impressive, if anyone wants to view it here is the link:

Used a mod which I think is great (Kudos to the dev)
[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92

If you see the last image it’s putting a little strain on my Pentium G3258 at max speed, so I get a little bit of stuttering, I will upgrade it for my birthday and hopefully I can double / triple the size of this.

So what do you guys think of this? Any ideas or advice you could give me? Aside from telling me to not use default buildings (I like default buildings >:( )


Oooh i like how you did the blacksmith, i’m stealing that. :smiley:


Oh My Glob! I have 19 Citizens as well and have only one usable building! Better get my builder hat on and do more buildings. It looks amazing!

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Looking great! Loving the blacksmith building, never crossed my mind to do that little stone area out the front of something like that! Silly me.

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Looks great to me. I always seem to get distracted and forget about building more than about three buildings. When I did try to build many I was always unimpressed by how I built my buildings and distressed when my footmen spent too much time in doors when goblins were attacking. I really like the layout of this little town.


Here’s my village… But now Stonehearth has gone to build 345 and my savegame is somewhat corrupted :frowning:

Notice the 2 goblins heading my way on the second picture left corner :wink:


your town looks awesome. I just started playing about a week ago and can’t stop.
Can I ask some noob questions?

1 how do u take screen shots
2 how did u make this cool page with all your pics in the slide show.

I wanna help the community as much as I can. thanks

@Jad hasn’t been online in awhile, so I will try to answer those questions as best I can.

  1. There are many ways to take screenshots. If playing with Steam, the easiest way is to use the built-in Steam screenshoot tool (default key is F12). You should hear a soft “click” when you press it, and see a message in the lower right corner of the screen. When you close the game you will see the screenshots below the game in your Library.
  2. The “cool page” is an imgur album. The imgur help site will explain it much better than I can, so check it out here: Once you have an album created, simply copy and paste the sharing link into a post and the slide show should be created automatically.

Dude u r on the freaking ball. this support is amazing. is there a way to buy a download code or something like that and give a copy to a friend as a gift.

More game studios should be like this.

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I know that Steam has an option to “Purchase as a Gift”. You will be asked when checking out who the purchase is for, and selecting Gift will give you a code (which can be shared) instead of adding the game to your Library. I am not sure about Humble, I would need to check. Be right back…
…Yep, Humble has a gift option as well. Also during checkout, there is a checkbox that says “This purchase is a gift; send me a gift link.”

yep I was just there. this link u sent me The Humble Store: Great games. Fantastic prices. Support charity..

is that the humble bundle for this game. When I clicked on the “humble bundle” it showed me a bunch of games i’m not interested in.

I just want this game and best acces to it. I’m going to make a purchase here as soon as i’m 110% sure about what i’m buying.

Hmm, that link should take you to the Humble Store, and look something like this:

The Humble Bundle is different. That is a collection of games you purchase at any price you want, and you choose where the money goes (charity, the developers, or Humble). If the page looks like the image above, you want to click Add to Cart, then Check Out. You should then see this:

Stonehearth should be listed at $24.99, you need to enter your email, decide if it is a gift, pick the charity to support, and then pay via the method of your choice.

thank you so much. you are 100% responsible for me buying a game that I could play for free. keep up the good work


I’m taking screen shots like a mad man. will be a plus 20 village again here in a minute. keeping my fingers crossed.

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Have fun! Be sure to create your own thread in the #gameplay category once you have some nice screen shots!

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Humble and understated, I love it. Isn’t it great how the civilizations grow as the game does?

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I haven’t gotten very far into the “campaign” or story goes. I’ve made several restarts crashing and buring my way through the painfull NOOBIE steps.

but yeah I love this game and can’t wait to see what they do with the final version.

Here’s a dumb question. I just purchaced the game from the humble site, but I already have it installed via a shared family through steam.

is there any point/ benieft to reinstalling my paid version or did I simply just show my support for a great game.

either way I feel like I win this day. :smile:

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No there is not. I would not recommend having 2 versions of the game installed, as we have seen odd things occur in the past.

You called? Haha I have been summoned back from the dead. I guess i’ll try and be more active from now on I suppose lmao.


Really nice town, I haven’t reached that yet, but I hope I will, someday… Keep at it, I’d really like to see what it turns into! Perhaps you could make some sort of fort/castle, it would be a big project, but it would be worth it! :smiley:

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