My first proper town

Very new to the game but I thought I’d take some shots of my first proper town that didn’t fail some how.

I’m really looking forward to the new building system that will make doing multi-storied buildings a lot easier.

It’s a shame my little people don’t actually get any in-game appreciation for all the nice things they have


That’s your first town? It looks amazing!
I’v played and built some towns of my own, but i can never reach the prettiness of many builders here it seems

Thanks for sharing!


Ohh i really love this Town. Great work!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


seriously, well thought out! Great structure. I love the middle eastern urban living style of homes you have set up. Very cool.

Very nice job. I look forward to seeing it’s progress!

Absolutely glorious! You must’ve played some other builder games, otherwise you were an Egyptian architect in another life :wink:

What do you think of Stonehearth as a whole? :smiley:

I posted some of my thoughts in another thread but the basics are:
-Needs a way better building system, which is something they’re working on.
-Needs more DF/Rimworld style idea where people are aware of what they own and what amenities the town has. Having a table and chair in their bedroom should make them happy, having a dresser, having some art, and so on. Also even the concept of “rooms”.
-Better combat that’s less running at the enemy and wearing down their HP and more taking advantage of your well planned defenses to defend against stronger enemies you couldn’t beat in the field. Something a little more inspired from the Stronghold series.
-I’d vastly prefer a rimworld style skill system over rigid classes. Why can’t my engineer who used to be a level 6 blacksmith do blacksmithing when there’s no engineer work to do? So many classes end up sitting around doing nothing because no one can multi-task. Let me turn on/off any jobs and let people gain levels/skills in any class they’re working on with diminishing returns.

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