The Start of my Settlement

Hi all, well this is the start of my first Settlement on Stonehearth, after reading many discussions on the forum I realised how to build 2 and 3 story houses and also how to build towers, so far I have got my Hearthlings settled and thriving only got to 15 hearthlings as the game lag’s if I accept anymore, as you can see I have my gatehouse and main building erected with 3 warehouses on the go, need to complete my walls and tidy up the place yet will update more on my adventure at a later date, Bye for now


that’s epic!, sadly by the time I go to build things like this I get a bug that makes my hearthlings freeze up >.<

Defences nearly built after hours of gameplay and crashes this morning haha


Getting even bigger, wish they would sort the crashing problems out maybe then the defences would be finished


That is a bold claim of ground you got there - now you have to think about how to fill all the space. Good work so far, I’m curious how your village will develop.

start loading it up with houses for your Hearthlings as well as some buildings as ‘shops’ ( aka mason in one, blacksmith in another and so on) . add some more farm plots and some grazing plots and it would fill that spot up rather quickly

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I have plans for shops for each job, just wish you could set a person to the household, I am also going to move the farm and give them a farmhouse and barn also need house’s for the workers but I can’t go over 15 hearthlings as the lag kicks in, it is also taking me some time now tom build due to the fact that I normally save every couple of minutes and especially save when I place a building but quite a lot a lately when I try saving it won’t save and the “saving” flashes on quickly which then I have to restart the game for saving to work again :confused:

being able to set the Hearthlings to a house would be nice, I would love for them to use the same bed over and over

That is awesome I have recently started a. New peaceful game and it is going well. PS: do you guys think it would be possible to make a bunk bed

think Bunks would be good, also double beds I could have a farmer and his wife then lol or is that taking it to far :confused:

well bunk beds would be awesome!

I seen someone comment that it would be cool to be able to create family’s

Mmm Breeding would be great rather than having a new hearthing join daily after reaching setting goals

well it would be kinda amusing even if they were cosmetic and the kids didn’t do anything.
it would be funny to see little Hearthlings running around

The devs are not planning children

Also topics about it if you are interested in what other people have thought:


really annoyed my saved game messed up so had to start again, here is how far I have got so far


I would start getting into buildings like that if it didn’t bug out for me when trying to build a second floor :pouting_cat:

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New buiding in place today the Farmhouse front and rear views


now I have a proper homestead, Farmhouse, Cooks Quarters, Warehouse and fields, coming along nicely


well the settletment is still expanding here is what I have so far


expanded some more starting to get a bit laggy now though Mmm

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