Finally a Settletment i'm Happy with

After numerous attempts to build a decent settlement I have come up with this one still loads to work on but I have my Palace, 4 warehouses and the Carpenters house in place, along with the market square/rectangle with fountain and bench’s, Hope you like it


Really nice - so the other workshops will be on the market square, or will each crafter have his own house?

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nice work! that’s a solid castle you have there… :smile: :+1:

most of my settlements seem to start with a nice courtyard like yours, and then slowly die from there… :blush:


My settlements usually start way more romantic than this - you know, sleeping under the stars, nothing but nature all around… I can’t let my Hearthlings see all these fancy screenshots, or they will go on a mutiny until I give them houses!!


Each crafter will have his own house and also a farm house and barn

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slight update Farm House added


Really nice little settlement. I always try for something similar but end up sprawling out too much and it ends up looking a bit of a mess. I may use your shots for inspiration hehe

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Barn has been built just need shops for crafters now

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