Finally getting some housing up

Can be quite fun to get a place going, was looking for a thread about constructions/villages show-of, but found none, so I’m making this one.

Started a nice village in a rugged area, whit plenty of trees.

Top Left, two tiers, worker houses, Next is farmers house, and fields whit all the different crops, (and a few extra corn fields). and top Right, empty house waiting for next farmer, hope one wants to move to the village.
Bottom left, two tier, bottom is the lone soldiers house, he have yet to see combat, I do not remember who lives above him… next to that is the Carpenters house whit rooftop eatery whit a view of the below valley, and stockpile for raw resources next to it. and all the way left in a two tier house, at bottom Tailor, whit the Trapper living on the top.

How do you guys think the layout is? decent? houses probably not the most fantastic original ones out there but, I’m kind of proud of em…

Think ill save more fancy designs for when I can save them… :wink:

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