(Oakenford) New build input wanted ;)

I started this build a while ago and I would like some input

My plan:

The bottom tier is going to be storage and some crafter
Upper tier is going to be homes and crafters
to the left / right of the city will be farms / hunters / lumberyards
Keep is done but I might change the bridge behind it
and im going to make a geomancer tower/area and a rabbit home inside the rock underneat the keep.


This looks cool, I can see you’re a talented builder indeed.

Here’s some things that I notice/would do.

Firstly, I noticed that your outer walls (for what I can see) are made out of wood. The white/grey patterned bits I believe are one of the choices of walls when you make them. Though I do have to agree it looks very cool, thinking about it wouldn’t make much sense, as a horde of enemy goblins would technically be able to just set fire to it. Though that’s more a case of ‘realistically seen’ than 'Yo your goblins will fuck you up in this game if you don’t do this".

Then, next up, looking through your plan a bit, I notice two things that are missing.
So, if you look at castles etc, you will notice that there are wells inside the castle, so creating a well or two (even though they aren’t practical in-game) would look cool and more believable. Next to that, a market square perhaps? So you’d have a bit of a open area, surround that with buildings for crafters, and build a little market there. I think that would add some to the build.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks bloody fantastic. I can see quite a bit of detail in the build already and would like to see the final build. These points are just some things I hope will help you get to that final point :smiley:

Lastly, something that I notice a lot whilst building bigger projects, and you may notice as well eventually. If you have a single template/building that’s quite large, and you try to edit it by placing individual blocks or changing the colours of those blocks, it may take a while sometimes (think like a second, or a few) for it to update. In that time, the game will freeze a bit and try to process what you just did to it.
A way I noticed to counter that is to break up bigger structures (for example that wall of yours) into smaller structures that are build against one another. In the end, you won’t see the difference, but it will make your life a lot easier when building larger things xD

Try sunny clear sky screenshots too, as the images are too dark

The white is not wood it is stone :slight_smile:
the houses are stone below and wood on the first level

Here are a few screens during the day, but it is always changing so ill post somewhere next week if I make progress haha



Oh, I could have sworn that was a pattern for the wood colours, but I seem to be mistaken then.

That aside, it does look cool as shit though

That was my first thought too, but looking closer it’s a) much larger than the wood pattern (the wood one only reaches 2-3 blocks up the wall whereas this one covers the whole thing) and b) this pattern is a lot “smoother” with more gradients to fade in and out. It’s like a combo of the vanilla grey stones pattern and the wooden one.

The more I look at it, the more impressed I am with how @Wappie managed to blend + extend the vanilla design into this pattern so well that it looks like it came from the existing patterns palette and even has master builders convinced hahaha!

There are a ton of those small details which look vanilla until you realise “hang on, that’s actually an extension of the vanilla style but has been modified or built in by hand”; the fact that it’s so seamless though makes it seriously well done.

Had some time to work on the farms, sheppardfarms and hunterslodge


So I worked a bit on the city part the back grey buildings are sort of factories and the two with the white upper part are houses.


The Textile Mill looks quite authentic :grinning:

Okay, so how many hearthlings do you have and how much time have you spend already, alone for this City? O:
It looks really well made. I love the Details.

80 hearthlings haha and how much time pfffff too much, lot of sort breaks. So I build for like a full Saturday and finish 1 maby 2 buildings then take a break for 2 days and come back.

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I wanted to do something with the hearthbud, so I made a cave in witch they grow.


Had some time the last couple of days, so I worked on the houses (upper city)
The roads are the last thing im going to do cause I dont know how I want them. I dont rly like any design I have seen so far. Thinking about making a slaughterhouse (Factory) in the lower city when I get there.


Alright, I gotta ask…at 80 hearthlings and this much building how does your computer not just grind to a halt and then burst into flames?


I all honesty I dont know, Saving takes about 15 min every time andhaving my grpahics a little higher for screenshots is hard but I just keep going on until it doesnt work anymore and by that time I hopefully have a new pc haha.