North Alliance Build

Been running a test game with NA, and thought why not continue to build my Silverthorn Builds in while im at it.

Went back to drawing board and decided to start making my Tier 1 builds (for when i post them on Workshop) so far I gotten Tiny house done, A house for two and a Warehouse done. Started work on Carpenter House but probably gonna make that Tier 2 for NA and Tier 1 for Ascendancy, So probably still gonna be a starter shop either way

The walls i made myself, as temporary walls until they are ready to remake them

Will say this, the hunting aspect is awesome, and bug trapping is cool, but they tend to not want to grab them, it just seemed easier to me to just grind out the crafters to get to the farmer hoe and make it lol

Side note, there will be 2 version of Silverthorn builds, one for NA (this) and the other for Ascendancy what the carp build is on workshop, but gonna focus on this first


I like your log palisade. Very nice.


Hello. Do you currently upload only carpenter house?

And a small request. Could you please first make a template for a sheltered farm? For the area 50x50