Building Templates HELP!

So is there only a carpenters house aside from the other homes and dorms was thinkin if you could build oen for the caprenter that there would be templates for other trades aswell

hey there @Kenneth_Border, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if i understand your request correctly, you’re asking for every crafter to get their own house template, right?

if i’m not mistaken, that’s already the case :smile: you just need to have someone promoted to whichever crafters house you want to build

NO sure I follow for exp I have a lvl 4 mason but did not see a house temp for it like the caprenter house has

I Know theri s shared hoousing and cottages but was intrested in specific housing like the caprenter

I think only carpenter in Ascendancy is available.

Rayya’s has more (mason, blacksmith, weaver, potter and cooker)


ah, Ascendancy also has a blacksmith building (in Tier 2), so i just assumed all professions got their own buildings.

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OH, bummer but thanks for the reply