Silverthorn Sneak peak Tier II

Herbalist Template (has 5 beds for injured) still work in progress


Yay! Can’t wait for it.

I apologize, but I can not find a topic for the first one.
There is a small typo in Multi.

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lol thanks will fix on update when i included T1a set for Ascendancy and yes those are being worked on, just repaints lol

Perhaps you need to update the carpenter’s template with the new fences. And other if they used them too.

Without flat roofs with a slit? :slightly_frowning_face:

you talking about the solo carpenter building

That was updated yesterday, with new fencing, its also getting rolled into the tier II buildings, with a massive update

lol no, more in the same style, just an alternate set to tier I for the AC, like the NA has 2 Alt sets