DT: RC tier 2 templates



They so fancy! :smiley:
Great work @Allie!

These templates easily dwarfs Ascendancy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow, those are fantastic. Great work, @Allie !

As always, keep up the good work, Radiant.

I like it especially the big building and the spiritual house with the lights looked cool :slight_smile:


if this is getting in the game i will totally favor the raya’s instantly

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Wonderful work on those buildings @Allie, I’m very excited to play my first RC game when Alpha 19 hits.

That idea about making the houses look different from every angle is brilliant, and a great contrast to the Ascendancy’s somewhat more uniform design aesthetic. It really fits with the way those two cultures are likely to spread out, too – where the Ascendancy will want to quickly expand in tier 2 and grow into a bustling town, the RC style fits much better with the idea of “quality over quantity”. The way you’ve worked those details and lore into their templates without jamming it in the player’s face is very well done – players who want to explore those intricacies can do so at their leisure, while those who just want to quickly lay out a pleasant-looking town can do that too.

That shrine is just the icing on the cake, and I absolutely love how you’ve used the light and shadow to tell a story in such a simple way.


Those are really great designs.

I still think it’s somewhat odd that the adobe roofs don’t actually “fill in” and just have empty spaces between the logs – why are the logs even there? I feel like the gaps should be filled in with clay and/or covered with tiles, at least as a possibility. It’s one of those things that doesn’t catch the eye until it does and then it’s inescapably, recurringly weird.

edit: this is especially true because roof styles can add a lot of variations to basic templates. Some houses with adobe roofs, some with tiles, etc.

Is there a Tier 3 implemented yet? If so, I hope you draw inspiration for higher tiers from places like the Alhambra, zellige patterns, etc. There’s a little of that in the game already but with some more art assets added (especially a few more variations on the wall tile and floor tile) things could really get amazing.


Rayya’s tier 2 houses are beautifull and when I saw the temple I totally fell in love with it. @Allie you are great. Wonderful job. Congratulatons.

Have fun, Kyth.

I actually think it makes a lot of sense that they have open roof plans, assuming that it doesn’t rain in the Children’s part of the world, open ceilings would allow air flow and the logs would act to create shade. I really like the aesthetic it brings to their buildings.

And nice update! I greatly prefer the Children over the more vanilla Ascendancy. I think they’ve got a more interesting dynamic going on. Always nice to see them getting looked after =)