Dt: trouble w/ templates


Hey everyone, this week Team Stonehearth continues to make the building editor easier to use and is working on getting your buildings finished correctly! Chris in particular has made a number of changes to the scaffolding algorithms, so please bang hard on our most recent build to see how it’s working for your houses. We have a test suite full of templates, but your builds exercise the system much more fully than we could ever dream, so we depend very much on your feedback to verify that we haven’t introduced any surprise regressions.

This week, let’s take a closer look at the brand new building templates we’ve added to A17, and how they are currently influencing our building efforts!


@Stoneheartfan Is your name missing an “h” between “heart” and “fan” on purpose?

Sorry, unrelated to the topic, just curious.

It originally was by accident, It was meant to be Stonehearthfan, but somehow the h disappeared, but the name with the spelling mistake kinda grew on me so I left it. :wink: