What do you think of my town so far?

okay guys, this is somewhat relates to the 80 day contest

i have this world that i am entering in for this contest. and this world, if it doesn’t glitch like my previous 3 worlds i tried making for this contest, will be the my entry for the contest. this is on Day 15 with 14 hearthlings as of now, i have made a castle wall on one side of this corner and i am currently ignoring the goblins until i am ready to take them on. (right now waiting on a person with 6 body and at least 4 spirit. my blacksmith is currently being spammed with ingots to get the plate mail suit available. i have a 4k networth and i used IB command on the castle wall (due to it’s size, i only use IB command for big buildings) or on buildings that glitched and wouldn’t be built due to the bug.

i currently plan to put a castle wall next to the goblin camp, probably 10-20 blocks to the left of it. I also plan on adding a farm/windmill area next to the big barn that has a yellow roof. i also intend on adding a high-class area where all the beds are fine and everything is upgraded and bigger and fancier (including the roads and fences) but that area has yet to be located, probably on the next level down. i also intend on making a vault in the mountain and maybe a secret that i will reveal when it is ready. i am wanting to ask you all if you have any suggestions, or questions, or comments about it. (and yes I am willing to record video footage of this world if needed)

my channel…if needed: YouTube (a sub or at least a few views would be nice)


Looks ok, im like at the same stage as you, is that another Goblin camp? You must delete it.

delete it as in use console and destroy command? or delete it as in send an army over there to erase their existence?

I liked how you blocked off one way for enemies to enter, But the east side is completely open and it should be your top priority to get it built. Also you should connect your main vital points,buildings and stock piles (if there not close to each other) via roads.

yeah, i built the wall…2 days later, goblins spawn on the other side…just my luck haha. but yeah i intend on making a wall on that side and i will have everything connected with roads once i figure out how i want to layout the town. i will put a picture up when i finish the wall.