My Town "Awaken Kingdom" (WIP)

Hi i´m totally new here and would to share my Town. - not finished yet -

Maybe some of you Guys need Impressions that i do.

I began with this Town in Alpha 14 v.2020
After nearly 100 Hours Realtime i created an unfinished Habor (70% Finished, Details and 1 or 2 big Ships left)
and the Mid- / Workers District (nearly finished , 1 House left).
Most of the 100 Hours, was spend in Save and Load because Bugs.
Of Course Build and Rebuild was a Timewaster too.
I guess im to stupid to Build a House correctly in first try :smiley:

All Buildings/items, in use, be build by my Hearthlings other then the Walls and the Haborscaffhold (The Things under Water), they be build by Console.


  • Roofcolor explanation
    Woodred : Hearthling Houses
    Stoneblue : Workersplace (Carpenter etc…)
    Stonered : Storehouse

  • Blueprint

The Goblincamp isn´t in my Savegame where i play.


Really nice Seed with many Flowers and Trees , huge Space as u can see and 2x great Lakes.
When u need my Startinglocation, let me know, i take a Picture then.

Building Templates:

When anyone hold interest for i Upload here my Building Templates, they be used in my Town.
How i sayed all my Buildings where build by my Hearthlings , so they are Bugfree and buildable.

At Least,
next thing that my Hearthlings will (better say - must -) be build is the Mainstorehouse in the Middle of my Town.

So i hope u like the Game as much as i.
When u have some Ideas for me and my Town let me please know it.
On someway we bring it in! :slightly_smiling:

Next Pictures come soon.




i’m really liking the look/plan of this town so far, definitely gonna be keeping my eye on it :smile:

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If I build a nice looking garden as a view in my castle, i don’t want my Hearthlings jusr walkthrough the garden, it will just be vandalism XD

Are you belive it or not, no Hearthling is running over the Flowers until now.
They all run honestly thru the “Streets”

Maybe i build next Time a Sign “Dont run over the Grass”, Just for the Case.


Hey there @LeProphet, welcome to the Discourse! Amazing town so far, can’t wait to see more!

Well, that is actually intentional. Hearthlings get a small speed boost when walking on roads, so if the road doesn’t take them too far out of their path, they will follow the road before running through the grass, dirt, stone, flowers, etc.


Thx @jomaxro glad to be here.


After i had this Crap Building, i decided to delete this * think yourself some angry Words *

Then this come into me and i was really in Trouble, because the Engine dosn´t allow to build Floors in already deleted Blocks.

All this happens because i overwrote my Backup Savegame earlyer, guess i was tired :frowning:

After some Tricky builds i finally reached this.

I guess its 3 pm at my Town :smiley:

Also the Gallows aren´t missed!

After all the Marktplace is finished (Ok some Windows left in 2 Buildings but that should be done in some Minutes.

Next Step the Farms and there Buildings.


So after a lot of mining, my Town is growing.
I decided to cut my Town into 4 Pieces.

The Mill is finished.

Farms are placed.

And im already start to build the Mansion.

Some new Detail i build in, a way up to the Hills to build something special there.

I hope some working Water mechanism or something like this will release soon that i can flood the Rivers in my Town.


WOW :astonished:
This looks awesome!

Edit: I have seen in a Youtube video that there are water mechanism already ingame, so you should be able to flood your river. Here i searched for the video again: Stonehearth | Part 3 | Water Physics!! - (Alpha 13)

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Thx for Comment and that u like it.
To your Edit:
You have right and i known there is a Waterphysics ingame, but they are totally buggy because when i mine the Blocks away there is a ugly Texture and it looks like crap - at the Moment.

And of course i need a Buckettool or something like this to create water in the Hills so that Water can run downwards.

But thx for your try!


finally some pics to what you can build in stoneheart. Most likely due to being a alpha but i’m missing the vids and screens of beautiful builds. Maby some screens or a vid on how to make the buildings without the villagers getting stuck? That would be an amazing help

A Video is actually not planned from my Side.
My Englisch is not the best as you can see.
Im glad when someone understand that, what i wrote.

About Screens maybe i add some more in the future.

How u sayed mostly Hearthlings will stuck and u had to work with them.
Some Ladder here and there to become they free.

the Clocktower on my Marktplace was the hardest one, but only because i make a huge mistake in the Blueprint.

Edit: Do you have any prefer or Building in mind what they should Build, so easy as possible?