My homemade town with only 2 engine errors every 5 sec :D

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you how far I could go until now.

I have 22 hearthlings (This is starting to take too much Lua cpu however :frowning: ), and defeated the goblin’s chief, and also the wolves goblins attacks (I got a message telling me that I will have no more attacks).
I did it without any cheats or mods (raw style !).

Most of my buildings are saved, let me know if you want some of them.

Good building everyone.


I don’t know what is going on with the roof of the building in the bottom right of the second image, but it sure looks funky. Some kind of ventilation system?

Have you ever heard of chimneys?

I think that’s what that is.

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Not really, or it was not intentional :stuck_out_tongue:

I you are talking about the grey thing on the most right house on the second picture, this is just a Hulk’o stone left by my hearthlings after finishing the house.

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Should’ve just gone with it being a chimney.