My first castle / city!

ok i think i went a little too big here. I’m going to give up this build as my minions…i mean hearthlings seem to rather do nothing than my bidding. i think if necessary items are too far away from a building they won’t build it, maybe also there is too much going on in the game now for it to handle…anyway here you go! thanks radiant for a great game so far…looking forward to alpha 11 and crates!


This is really nice, I lag too much if I get to this point on my world unfortunately.

Really impressive town you got there!
I really like the bridge and the design of the watchtowers.

How long did it take to build this? :-o


I really like your little kingdom!

StoneHearth really lends itself well to this style of building. Going forward in development, it will be exciting to see this being more and more possible with bug fixes and feature implementations.

Agreed. Lots of nice designs going on in this build - a lot of attention to detail. Love it @childe_roland!

been working on it since alpha 10 release…rough estimate about 15 hrs. towards the end progress was slow as hearthlings prefer to stand around confused between doing stuff


OMG! I bow before your greatness! That’s pretty awesome.


ha ha thanks! you guys are the ones doing great things though…