Back to Stonehearth After a While

Hello Stonehearth community!

In between having less time and some computer issues, it’s a been a while since I played Stonehearth,

Now I am back however and I am really enjoying getting back in to Stonehearth, so much cool new stuff has been added and the game runs so much smoother (I remember how having 20 hearthlings was a death sentence to your game most of the time)

Here are some pictures of my new (and growing) village of Hearthaven:


Looks pretty nice. My town only has ~two big hotels xD


Some updates!

The Blacksmith is finished… or almost atleast, they still have to move the furnace to the correct place.

Oh and yes, it is pretty much a shameless rip off from the pre-designed blacksmith’s house found in game. :innocent:

The barracks in the wall are also done… Looking on both sides of the wall structures I really should try to bring more depth to them in future buildings.


Looks great! Keep it up

Welcome back! :merry:

Clearly your building skills haven’t got rusty, hahah. I love your use of multiple levels and retaining walls to establish your town’s layout, and the patterns you’ve worked in really help those constructions stand out (even though they share a lot of colours with the landscape around them)

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A new district is taking shape, a district I like to call the Red Roof District (yes, pun intended)

There’s also a great stair + gate, that I am not a huge fan of:


Amazing lookin’ town ya go there! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!! :jubilant: