What do you think of my little town?

Hello fellow hearthlings :smile:

I have taken some printscreens of my little town so far and wondered what you all thought :stuck_out_tongue:

I have created a huge great hall that when finished inside will have tons of seats to sit at and also will have 4 (currently 3 built) stockhalls to keep all my stuff :smile: I have built an underground vault for my gold aswell :smiley:

built a small farm and will be building something the other side of village for all these sheep soon aswell. currently at 9 hearthlings but getting the amount of food needed for another is getting alot :stuck_out_tongue: only just started building some place for my hearthlings to live aswell im mean i know.

I have killed a goblin warlord and killed all of the camps near me now still get raided but easy to handle with 3 guards in full iron Armour :wink:

Below you will see some screenshots for you all to take a look at :smiley:



i like the town. i canโ€™t wait for you to update this topic again. iโ€™d really like to see a castle wall around the town and some houses built. it feels like you are going for a nordic theme based on the great hall, so i would suggest adding a barracks or training ground or something militaristic i give your town a 6/10 but the score will go up as you complete your town :smile:

Yep heading for a Nordic one :stuck_out_tongue: based off of the Viking series i have been watching :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reply :smile:

Thatโ€™s awesome! What are the dimensions of that great hall? Itโ€™s a really nice size.

It is 100 blocks wide and 48 in depthโ€ฆ i guess you would say :stuck_out_tongue:

itโ€™s only half complete current though :slight_smile:

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Also any suggestion on the wall design?

something like this is a good starting point for a nordic wall in stonehearth:

nah jk something more like this:
View Medieval walls

bro, if you are a broโ€ฆyou just scored serious points from me if you are watching the vikings series from the history channel.

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