Viking city project

I recently started work on was has turned out to be my most complex set of buildings to date and while its not done I thought you guys might enjoy a few WIP pictures of a very viking/norse settlement. if there is interest I’ll post more as I go along.


woah dude, this is looking really cool, those custom roofs, that ship, i love everything about it!

i don’t know about anyone else, but i would definitely love to see more!


At one point I was working on a Viking submod for the Minecraft mod Millenaire (that I never finished).

A significant aspect was the mead hall:

Another was the A-frame house:
Fyrkat Viking Centre - euro-t-guide - What to see - Denmark - 3.

It even had a Mjolnir/Thor’s Hammer with working lightning strike effect.

It’d be awesome to see more Viking elements and templates in Stonehearth.


I have actually been using a lot of minecraft norse/viking themed builds as inspiration (aka liberally stealing all the really good parts). I actually just built a mead hall, all be it a very fantasyfied version though it might of ended up looking a bit more Japanese than intented.


impressive work :smiley: love it :slight_smile:


i’m always so in auw of people who can build amazing things. Feel a bit jealous right know for not able to build like that.

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This is Brilliant artwork! Nicely done!

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Lovely. Too much stone for my liking in a viking village, but beautiful anyway.

Yes, please! :smile:

Have fun, Kyth.

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the lack of wood is something I’ve been trying to rectify and I think most of the smaller buildings be mostly wood. but in the mean time I have been working on the docks area


:clap: brilliant! Very talented :slight_smile:

So a little update just a few more road sort of planned out and a couple of huts and some free standing wooden decoration… things but anyway the town as a whole so far

A sort of… entry archway with some dramatic lighting, to keep stuff running nice and quickly I only actually have like three or four light sources in the whole town so far

here is the church/temple thing that I realised I haven’t really showed off even though it was probably the fourth thing I built

here is a close up of my new simple hut/homes I think I’ll be building a few more around the town but I didn’t want to cluster too many together
My dockmaster/port authority that im not sure if i showed off yet

A bit of a glory shot of the the town square
and finally here is a aireal overview of the whole thing consdiering how long the game has been going I have actually filled less space than I thought

I hope you guys are enjoying the pictures and that I’m not spamming the the forums too much. I am kind of at a loss as to what to build next I’ve got a castle in the planning stages but im not sure I want to tackle that yet so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for something to put in this town Id love to here it


this is turning out quite nice, it really shows off just how “flexible” the building designer can be.

nice job with the dragon head!

this one really has a grand feeling to it.

oddly enough, these might be my favorite building so far… and i’m not sure why…

just curios, how many days in-game has it taken to get this far?

i’m definitely enjoying seeing your town. not being a very creative builder myself i always love to see all the awesome stuff other people show off. also, don’t worry, you’re not spamming the forums. :slight_smile:

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it does its working pretty well though because of the custom roofs and over hangs it means that they use an insane amount of wood on scaffolding and ladders and you have to micromanage them still with ladders so they can get to all the places to tear down said ladders and scaffolding lol (and also to prevent the dingdongs from getting caught on random unreachable blocks and starving to death while I don’t notice)

As far as I can tell from the town journal 31 days so far, its currently day 16 of feastmun and this time I only have like six dead hearthlings so at least so far Odin port is a lot safer than Sharpe-stone was


Here’s a very simple single-occupancy Viking A frame house template if anyone wants one. It might require the terrain colors mod, but I’m not sure. It would be nice if a roof could extend to the ground level for this purpose. (42.6 KB)


That is actually a lot like those huts of mine were meant to turn out, I ended up changing my roofs just to bring it more in line with the (admittedly a little bizarre) Atheistic of the rest of the town. Also I found that they ended up being too wide if I brought the triangle of the A-frame all the way down to the ground just because of how wide you needed the prefab wall section to get a door into it.

loving the design of the floor in the corner. Very nicely done

So just a small update today after trying 4 or 5 different designs I finally got a black smith I was happy with

As well as another Storage shed because apparently my hearthlings and I are hoarders

Other than that I just kind of prototyped some different gates

and tried to figure out some kind of druidic stone circle/jelling stone thing for a grove but im not really happy with that I could come up with aka the dragon writing stones from skyrim and the the gathering stone from wow… its not my fault being creative is hard.

if anyone has any advice, ideas or input I’d love to hear it


looking great! I love you mead hall, (don’t care if its to fantasy like XD ) and that diagonal road looks solid too, those are hard to pull off.

for druidic ruines. are those not more Celtic? idk when I think of Nordic/Viking I kinda think more of menhirs (standing stones like the ones in Normandy France) if you made them big enough you could draw in a runic symbol

or maybe even hunnebedden /dolmens they are more tombs made of huge boulders and are suppose to be chambers underground (so you just see a grassy hill and nothing more, but nowadays they are mostly exposed stones due to erosion.)


Sooo faor i like your style :smiley: keep it up :smiley:

A standing stone or a stone circle was more my intention I didn’t mean druidic as a technical term more of just a impression for some king of natural/nature based temple/ landmark but I am super bad at words. the trick is figuring out a way to make them looking visual interesting and not just oh I spilled some grey blocks about the place.