[MOD] A Modular Building Kit

MOD DOWNLOAD LINK http://www.mediafire.com/download/x35vxtogc65aps1/Stonehearth_Modular_Building_Kit.rar

Here is my first attempt at a modular building kit, took me all day to make even this so i hope you guys like it. With it, you can quickly make some pretty cool looking areas for your town/city. Apologies for the sub-par naming convention I used, its not perfect but it works.

There are many connectors included so you can have a lot of creative freedom. If you use it, please tell me what you think and if it works fine for you. It all works perfectly fine on my end, and I made sure its designed so that your workers shouldn’t bug out or leave scaffolding in the ground.

There are 4 different types of buildings i have made plus a courtyard.

I have not included any decorations in with the buildings and left that up to your own devices. You can use these buildings as multi-story homes, crafting buildings, storage or even a mixture.

You can lay them out in a street style fasion, or you can get a bit creative and make some weird and cool layouts. Or maybe something a bit more compact.

Thats all, hope you enjoy it!


Nice work, any chance of it coming to praise? :wink:

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Wow, now that is amazing o.o

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I tried the 2 stair house so far several times, and it gets half way and stops.