An Island Castle [WIP]

:ribbon::ribbon:The first two builds broke so i have started again :frowning: Please see the below images for the new and improved build:ribbon::ribbon:

Hello Fellow Settlers

I have recently been watching Vikings on Amazon Prime and have seen the invasion of Paris by Ragnar… That castle looked amazing!! So I have decided to try and sort myself out one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Seed used: 236362333

Disclaimer: I have used the console command Instant Build during the making of this to save on any errors created when Hearthlings attempt to make this castle.

Wall Entrance - Built First

Bridge Construction

Wall Construction


This looks EPIC. I’ll be following this thread :heart_eyes:.

absolutely love the bridge design, including the entryway. On the bridge columns, I think you design the templates first as building down into water has always been a hassle for me. Is this correct?

Yea you can’t really save the blueprints because they will want to be placed on land. You have to hand draw each thing in water

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Awesome job! I love your bridge.

It has slightly broke! :frowning:
But don’t fear i shall make a more improved version :stuck_out_tongue:

But before i do…

Anything you guys think i could improve on before i start? any bits which dont look all that good?

:ribbon: Originally contained pictures which have been organised into the first post. :ribbon:

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beautiful work mate! can’t wait to see how it progresses :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

If this one breaks i will make the template and add it to that thread about broken buildings :stuck_out_tongue: might end up crashing their system its so large now

A few mistake have been made and i can’t go back and amend them :frowning:

however its getting closer and im learning for the future

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The bridge has begun!!!

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will you put the world up for download once you finish it?

I will try :slight_smile:

got alot more building to do on it first like the inside and the castle :slight_smile:

but ofc will try once its done

Lighting is started to be added. Check the bridge pictures in the first post :slight_smile:

I BROKE A SECOND BUILD :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m the reason we can’t have nice things

Lua is at like 98% and won’t load now :frowning:

FYI don’t try to create a second island for farming because it may crash the game :confused:

uh oh, that’s not good! paging @Albert as he (or someone else from the team) might wan’t to take a look at that save file…

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Thanks @8BitCrab would be nice if it could be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

However if it can’t i don’t mind starting again :smiley: give me something to do and i can correct the mistakes made :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming this is another problem causing the game to crash?

Well after my last one kind of died i started a third castle on an island :stuck_out_tongue:

is this to lavish?

The above isn’t even the castle i haven’t started that yet. this is just the town with a stock house/market in the middle

The below is where the castle will be :smiley: