Sharperock Isle

with alpha 14 coming out and promising better building and less wonky multi story buildings I decided to jump in and maybe build a thing or two… a week and 27 dead Hearthlings later. I give you the island colony of Sharperock

So I guess that yes, building works alot better now (even if it can still be a bit wonky how they do it)

with that being said here are some close ups of my favourite Stonehearth settlement yet for those that are interested.


Well done on this one
Please save file!

Verry nicelly done :smiley:

That’s really impressive, but what killed that many hearthlings?

didnt think anyone would want it but here is (or atleast should be) the save

oh and for what killed so many Hearthlings they kept walling them selves into the bridge pillars or other small hollow buildings and then a bunch died to giant zombies because my footmen kept tying to fight them piecemeal one at a time.


Did you build all theses buildings on yourself or did you use templates?
I am very bad at building in stonehearth so if you got please also post some templates!

If it’s urgent you could simply download his save file and save the templates yourself.


Yeah, I just did… I am so stupid :smiley:
But thanks for reminding me! :wink:


Hehe, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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x_x so amazing!! It’s like something from windwaker!