Inspiration for Building

Hey everyone! I’ve had Stonehearth since alpha 8 I believe. However lately I have had no time to play because of work and school. I would like it if people would post some of their buildings (like parks, boats, unique farms, ect…) I always get inspiration when I see other peoples creations and with two days off I figured i’d put in a few hours to see what sort of things I can get done!! Thanks for the support to who ever does post!!!

a lot of the best builds will be in the top posts.
So you can find them there pretty easy

also these 2 sites for templates

Finally top screenshots on steam worth checking out as well.

Some of my examples here:
Alpha 18 play
Alpha 15 play

hope u have had some inspiration now :wink:

I like the parks in Alpha 18 build and the little island idea in 15!!

hehe you pressed the wrong reply button :wink:

hehe. yea. that reply is wrong. but thank you. Anything you can do as far as your imagination reaches